Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ridge Hill has floors!

Every day the space looks better and better!  Our team has been hard at work with the construction process of Havana Central Ridge Hill.  It has been so neat watching the entire process!  Seeing our space go from a cement area to a stunning space has been remarkable. All these little details are what will actually make this Havana Central. That being said, we have some more progression photographs to share with our friends (some of those little details)!!

Black and white checkerboard flooring
Havana Central Ridge Hill has FLOORS!  Art deco took the artistic world by storm in the late 1920’s and 1930’s, and Cuba did not escape this style of design.  It is prevalent from the bold colors to the travel magazines.  Even, floors did not escape this era.  Black and white checkerboard floors are a perfect example of the influence that art deco had on Cuba (art deco re-popularized this classic flooring).  In this photograph you can see our construction team laying this beautiful black and white tile.
Crown molding

Decorative molding on walls
A highly detailed molding is just one of those elements that give our space an authentic feel.  As we have said in earlier posts, Havana, Cuba has a strong influence from Colonial Spanish architecture.  We are using one of the most famous elements of this era: elegantly carved crown molding.  Even beyond the crown molding our architect, Garrett Singer, has added decorative molding to the walls and baseboards.  With all these particulars, we are able to generate that grand feeling, transporting our guests, friends, and family to 1950’s Havana.

Please check back weekly to this blog for more updates of the space, photographs, and renderings.  Please visit us on our website.  Any questions please email us.

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