Friday, February 10, 2012

Ridge Hill Construction Progress

Our team has been hard at work with the construction process of Havana Central Ridge Hill.  This week we wanted to share some photographs of construction and renderings of the space.  One can really feel the sense of space and everyday it looks better and better. 

Early Rendering of outside patio and arches - Havana Central, Ridge Hill
This is one of the very first renderings highlighting the arches.  The arches open up the space and give way for tons of natural light.  A beautiful detail of Cuban architecture.  During warm months the Atrium windows will open to the outdoor Patio.

The Arches!!  Havana Central, Ridge Hill

Here are the real live arches.  This is from the inside looking to the outside.  They look amazing!  There will be arches throughout the space.  Our architect, Garrett Singer, researched and studied photographs of people, past and present, to replicate a design reminiscent of Havana, circa 1950.

Atrium looking in the the Main Bar.  Havana Central, Ridge Hill
This detailed rendering shows the Atrium looking into the main bar.  The Atrium is designed to feel like an outdoor space with beautiful wicker chairs and an area that beckons one to have a cocktail.  Mojitos anyone?    The mahogany bar toward the back of this rendering, show cases a design reministant of Sloppy Joe's a popular watering hole in Havana, Cuba. 

In this photograph, you can see the back shape of the bar being built.  This is the area where the shelves for all the liquor will be held.  The bottles will be back lit to keep the bar nice and bright.  Behind the bottles the shelves are designed to imitate windows.  This is just another detail that will make this replicated space feel authentic.  Transporting our guests, friends, and family to Havana.

Please check back weekly to this blog for more updates of the space, photographs, and renderings.  Please visit us on our website.  Any questions please email us.

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