Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pre-Revolutionary Fixtures are Up!

When dining, the lighting sets the mood of the room.  Or so that's what we hear!  

Our new signature pre-revolution fixture goes up in Yonkers

Of course we have been saying the entire time that all the little details are what will make our restaurant authentic.  With something as important as lighting we are definitely going to make sure we get all those "details" correct.  Here is a photograph from our construction process of our pre-revolutionary lighting fixtures.  

As you can see in the photo from the base in the ceiling to the bottom of the light - we didn't miss.  Engravings in the base and a beautiful frosted tear drop globe.  The globe will diffuse the light beautifully and help make for a great dining experience whether its the middle of the day or late into the night. 

Please check back weekly to this blog for more updates of the space, photographs, and renderings.  Please visit us on our website.  Any questions please email us.

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