Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kitchen and Flooring!

Everything is coming along, we cannot believe in less than a month we will be open!  Our kitchen is shaping up nicely.  We have the grill station, sauté station and salamander (broiler) station installed.  This kitchen is our largest to date and we cannot wait to get in there and start cooking!  Take a look at the photo below.

Check out this sparkling kitchen!

Now one of my personal favorite aspects of the restaurant is the black and white floor.  A very cool, traditional detail.  The install on the flooring has started as you can see in this photograph below.

Black & White deco floor is being installed!

We also had our vary first Orientation for all our new family members.  Its a great bunch of people and we cannot wait to get into the training process with them! (photos to follow)

Please check back weekly to this blog for more updates of the space, photographs, and renderings.  Please visit us on our website.  Any questions please email us.


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