Friday, August 31, 2012

Renderings Oh My!

Our team has been hard at work with the construction process of Havana Central Roosevelt Field Mall.  We anticipate the opening this Winter.  This week we wanted to share some of the early design renderings of the exterior.  

As you have seen at our other three locations, we have gone with very traditional Cuba 1950's architecture.  We have had high arches and beautiful tropical elements and while we will still be including many of these aspects in our Long Island location... 
Early Facade Study from March of 2012

Renderings by: Garrett Singer Architecture & Design

This time around, our exterior is a little funkier.  As you can see in the renderings above we have pulled a little Miami into the mix.  We have touched more into the art deco side with this location's exterior. 

The first facade study we left out our famous orange, its a beautiful design but we felt something was missing..  So in the below facade study we brought the orange back.  That's more like it! This vibrant orange livens up everything!  What are your thoughts?  Do you like the top or bottom rendering better?!?

Early Facade Study mid 2012
Renderings by: Garrett Singer Architecture & Design

Please check back weekly to this blog for more updates of the space, photographs, and renderings.  Please visit us on our website.  Any questions please email us.

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